Step one:
Always prime your skin with moisturiser before applying foundation. Give it a minute to absorb. Apply your foundation to the centre of your cheeks and forehead and blend towards the edge of your face for even coverage.

Step two: concealer
For under your eyes, look for a concealer with a creamy texture. Blend this into the skin using your ring finger, do not drag the skin. For blemishes, use a concealer designed especially for them. Apply with a brush and blend.

Step three: powder
To set the foundation, take a velour puff and use it to press powder over the foundation. This locks the powder into place and helps prevent oil breakthrough. Dust off excess powder with a powder brush.

Step five: eyeshadow
Remember, the lightest shade of shadow is applied first, then the medium, followed by the dark shade. Apply the highlighting colour to the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. Blend, blend, blend!!!!!

Step six: eyeliner
Use the darkest eyeshadow for a subtle liner, use a pencil/putty or liquid liner for a more dramatic effect.

Step seven: mascara
If you want to curl your eyelashes, always curl them before you apply mascara, to avoid breaking the lashes.

Step eight: blush
Blush should be applied to the apple of the cheek, which is where colour would rise naturally if you were flushed/ embarrassed! Be sure to blend well.

Step nine: lip liner
Try to find a shade as near to your lipstick as possible to avoid the look of a dark liner with light lipstick!

Step ten: lipstick and gloss
Lipstick is applied first, followed by a lip gloss.

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